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Bread Club | Community Supported Bread (CSB)

What is it?

The Night Work Bread Club is our CSB and monthly subscription service committed to nourishing the greater Saratoga Springs area with the vitality of whole grain, long fermented breads. Subscribers pay a one-time monthly fee to receive (1) loaf per week for one month (4 loaves in total).

Why join?

When the community invests in a CSB, we’re able to invest in our commitment to making the nourishing baked goods we believe our community deserves. It’s also a chance for you to support our tiny bread company through the winter season when far fewer shoppers are finding us at farmers markets. Joining the Night Work Bread Club betters your gut health and connects you back to the roots of eating locally produced goods.

How does it work?

Your subscription includes (4) large loaves of naturally leavened bread. The menu rotates weekly per baker’s choice. Loaves are to be picked up at partnering small businesses in and around Saratoga Springs. Your monthly payment will be automatically deducted from the funding source of your choice. You will be notified several days before each billing occurs so you have the chance to cancel or pause your subscription.

Click here to read our Bread Club FAQ's

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